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Saturday, 23 April 2011 05:54

If you want to find boyfriend online as soon as possible then this article is for you. I am assuming you already joined a dating website and created some kind of profile. To find boyfriend fast you need to meet as many guys as possible in short period of time and to do so you need to attract as many guys with you profile as possible. Since you are looking for a boyfriend, if the guy asks you on a date you should only agree to go to alcohol free places or you might end up sleeping with one of the guys you are not intending to date in a future. Good places for a date to learn about a guy are coffee shops, sport events or movie.

The most important thing in you profile which decides whether you will get any messages from guys are you photos. Your photos shouldn’t be too revealing or you may attract the wrong crowd, but at the same time they should make guys want to meet you. Something like you are wearing tight jeans is fine, however the photo in swim suite usually a bad idea. You photo should be teasing but at the same time you should look like a nice girl on it.

In your profile just honestly write about yourself and what are you looking for. You shouldn’t sound too cocky or you may scare some guys off. Some girls never email guys first and sometimes they miss all the good guys who may think that you are too good for them and they would never email you first. There is nothing wrong with emailing guy first as long as you are polite and sound genuinely interested in him. Playing hard to get is not a very good idea online, because there are literary thousands of other girls on dating website just one mouth click away so guys will just move to another girl if you are playing too hard. However after you meet them offline you may want to play like you a prize so that guy wouldn’t think that you are just another easy girl who is only good for one night fling. Remember to keep balance between being too hard or too easy with guys because if you go to extremes you will never be able to find true love.

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